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I Can Pay the Entertainment Costs

I Can Pay the Entertainment Costs
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I hate paying for cable television, but I love watching the shows that come on it. I used to pay with money from my paycheck, but now I pay using profit that I’ve made from trading bitcoin. I use the Bitcoin Evolution official app to make my daily trades and monitor the state of the market. The price of bitcoin will change and give me an opportunity to make some good trades. I can easily make enough money to pay for a year of cable in a couple of months, just by doing nothing but trading.

I even used some of my bitcoin profit to pay for a new cable box. The box I used to have was the standard one that only picked up channels, but the new one can access some streaming services, be operated by a voice controlled remote, and even record shows with a built in DVR. My friends who also have cable ask me how I deal with the rising prices, and I tell them that I don’t worry about it because I’m paying for it with trading profits. They’ve tried to get in on the bitcoin craze, but haven’t been able to earn any profit.

Sometimes when I’m watching something on cable and a commercial comes on, I’ll look at my phone and check out the bitcoin prices with the app. During a sports game, I can do this a lot, because they have more commercials than game time. In a way, trading on the bitcoin market is a bit of a sport in itself. There’s a strategy that you have to make, kind of like the plays in a game. There’s pressure as you’re thinking about whether you should sell or buy, just like when players have to think on their feet and make quick ball passes.