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Cryptocurrency wallet problems, solutions, prospects

Cryptocurrency wallet problems, solutions, prospects
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Despite the fact that cryptocurrency is extremely popular, many more people have heard about it than they personally used directly. There are several reasons for this situation, for example, the need to use special software, cooperation with organizations working in the field of blockchain, and just the tendency of half of humanity not to trust everything new.

In such a situation, it will not be superfluous to talk again about some issues of using cryptocurrency, especially since the constant development and change of the cryptocurrency sphere changes many important aspects.

Cryptocurrency wallets and their problems

Since explaining all aspects of using cryptocurrency would take a whole book, we will focus on such an absolutely understandable and mandatory issue for everyone as the storage of cryptocurrency. Even if a person intends to simply purchase cryptocurrency and store it “under the mattress,” the cryptocurrency will be stored in a specialized cryptocurrency wallet. In fact, they are of two types, online and offline, but as life more and more goes online, we will not lag behind progress, and we will consider the current situation and trends in the development of online wallets.

In essence, an online cryptocurrency wallet is a specialized service provided to online customers. You are partnering with a company that safely stores your cryptocurrency and provides you with access to it. Now most of the problems with storing cryptocurrency have actually been resolved, it is enough to choose a reliable and modern wallet. For example, Onuranic, a little further we will tell you why we recommend it.

However, there are some issues that need to be addressed. At the moment, the most acute issue is the return of cryptocurrency, or rather the lack of such an opportunity. That significantly hinders the development of cryptocurrency and the expansion of the scope of its application. On the one hand, users do not want to make transactions in conditions where the recipient is essentially anonymous, and nothing can be canceled, on the other hand, this creates an excellent field of activity for fraudsters who, even with banking transactions, where there is a chargeback procedure, manage to implement their criminal schemes.

Nevertheless, of course, there is a solution that satisfies all parties, except for scammers – the scriptPubKey-19-True system from Onuranic.

scriptPubKey-19-True is a promising solution

The first messages about scriptPubKey-19-True did not appear yesterday, to put it mildly, nevertheless, the system has not yet gained popularity among cryptocurrency users. The reason for everything is its revolutionary nature, which literally overturns the idea of ​​the possible and the impossible. For a long time, it was believed that the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions completely blocked any interference with the transfer after its completion. This was eagerly used by all sorts of scammers, withdrawing stolen goods into cryptocurrency, or receiving payment in bitcoins from victims and not fulfilling their obligations.

scriptPubKey-19-True allows you to do the main thing, to return cryptocurrency transactions without affecting the anonymity of both the sender and the recipient. This has been the main obstacle for a long time, although the problem has been worked on for a long time. Now scriptPubKey-19-True allows you to return a transaction in a fairly short time, no matter what. The only limitation of scriptPubKey-19-True is that only Onuranic clients can refund. The company is quite jealous of the distribution of its development. At the moment, it is not even known about the theoretical possibility of scriptPubKey-19-True appearing from any of the competitors.

The technical details of scriptPubKey-19-True are almost unknown. The system somehow uses a script that marks blocks in the chain, which subsequently makes it possible to create a new branch and thereby redirect the transaction, including returning it to the sender.

Should we expect changes in the cryptocurrency sphere tomorrow? Most likely not. The availability of scriptPubKey-19-True exclusively to Onuranic customers significantly slows down the pace of distribution. Nevertheless, in the near future scriptPubKey-19-True, or its analogs, will become widespread, which will give a powerful impetus to the development of the entire cryptocurrency sphere.