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FinanceEvery thing you need to know as to why you must get a Ruckus is at your fingertips.

Arguably a history book not an investment book. Could not inform you something new but such an elegantly coherent view of the globe. It pains me to say it because he is practically as smug as Taleb (and much better searching) but any of Niall Ferguson’s books are worth reading. Except perhaps the one about the Rothschild’s. Unless you have a compulsive fascination with the history of nineteenth century banking its at least 500 pages too lengthy.

Much more deeply, percentage charges pervade skilled solutions, and have done so generally forever. Actual estate agents charge percentage fees, and do much better when residence prices are larger – this is Greenwood and Scharfstein’s second key supply of the increasing (till 2007) size of finance. Architects charge percentage charges. Contingency fee lawyers take a percentage of winnings. Corrupt officials take percentage bribes. Salesmen get percentage commissions.

Yet another possibility is that finance is a organic monopoly This is weird, considering that finance has few network effects like Facebook or Google, and doesn’t need exclusive regional land access like a public utility. But in economics, any market exactly where economies of scale are huge will gain monopoly power, and hence high earnings. And banks may possibly benefit a lot from economies of scale.

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