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Corporate Medical Translation

Corporate Medical Translation
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Certified medical translation does not only include highly technical medical documents but refers to a translation service provided to corporate clients and even government bodies and departments. This often means that the volume of documents to be translated and certified can be more than a hundred pages long. Corporate medical translation can therefore be a highly skill- and time-consuming process, which unavoidably affects the price. We do however strive to maintain the most competitive pricing policy and will happily discuss any corporate medical translation order with you.

That said, not all corporate medical documents are necessarily long. On daily basis we provide certified translation of relatively short and standard medical documents (such as discharge or medical reports for company employees, for example, etc.). These can be from one to five pages long. These we can translate and certify within the shortest timeframes; 24-hour completion period is also available. Please contact us to discuss various options.

As medical documents are technical, these are assigned to only professional and highly specialized translators, familiar with medical terminology as well as Latin. Many medical terms are written in Latin and the knowledge of this language is a must for a professionally accurate translation. There is thus no fastest route to translate your corporate medical documents. The only way is to entrust them to a certified medical translator and we will happily do that for your and certify the completed translation upon completion.

We offer and deliver professional medical translation services of any corporate, commercial or business documents. Irrespective of the complexity, we meticulously reproduce the format with any graphs and tables that may be in the original medical document to ensure that your translated file is a mirror image of the source document.

We guarantee that your translated corporate medical document will appear next to identical in the layout and format of the original. This will make cross-referencing easy and less time-consuming and will thus help you in submitting the document to Canadian authorities or overseas.

Once your corporate medical document has been carefully and professionally translated, we will certify and post it to any address in Canada or the United States. We can also arrange for certification and notarization of the documents. If you are not sure which is required, please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Last but not least, if you have an international business meeting about a specific medical service or product or a medical consultation with a specialist in Canada or overseas, we will happily arrange for a professional interpreter to assist you. Please contact us to speak in detail about our professional corporate medical interpreting services.