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5 Best Money Saving Apps for Properly Managing Your Finances

5 Best Money Saving Apps for Properly Managing Your Finances
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If you want to manage your finances properly, you need to understand your cash flow, i.e., how money is coming in and leaving your bank account.

Several money management apps can help you track your spending and analyze and evaluate your spending habits. These money management apps can be accessed online and on your smartphone to help you make good financial decisions and take care of your finances.

On Collected.Reviews, you’ll find information and reviews on money management apps that are useful.

They include:

1.     Empower

Empower is an online banking app that also helps in budgeting.  It tracks your spending activity so as to manage your cash flow, and you can set either monthly or weekly spending limits to reduce your spending habits. This app has an AutoSave feature that enables you to set amounts you want to save weekly. Empower also cancels subscriptions you no longer use and negotiate your bills, so you’ll spend lower on your phone and internet bills. You can also gain interest in your AutoSave account and be in control of your financial budget.

2.  YNAB (You Need A Budget)

With YNAB, you can set financial goals and sync all your savings accounts to this app. It costs about $6.99 per month, and on this app, some features allow you to save money, determine your cash outflow, investing, and spending activities.

3.     Acorns

Acorns are online management saving apps that invest your virtual change. This feature allows you to invest without any hard work or effort. With Acorns, you’re allowed to carry out one-time transactions, which will boost your account, set up recurring withdrawals, and help you round up all your transactional activities. With FoundMoney, a shopping feature on this app, when you patronize certain brands, partners working with these brands will invest in your account automatically.

4.     PocketGuard

Like other money management apps, PocketGuard helps you find savings in spending. You can also sync all your bank accounts to this site, track and analyze your spending habits, create a spending budget, and stick to it strictly. PocketGuard also negotiates your recurring bills to either lower them or even looks for better deals with lower prices for you. This app encourages long-term saving as well.

5.     Wally

Wally is principally a budgeting money management app that supports foreign currencies; therefore, if you’re a type of person that travels a lot and works well in various other countries, this app will be beneficial for you. It helps you track your spending activities by keeping receipts of your cash outflow. It shows you how much money you have left in your account and how much you have to spend according to your budget.

In conclusion, if you’re the kind of person that binge spends or don’t have a lot of savings, the apps stated above can help you track your spending activities, encourage you to save and invest more, and can help you spend within budget.