Silver is a great investment. Even though it is not a type of currency, it is a form of money. It is a form of currency because you cannot create it or depreciate its value. It holds no counterparty risk because it is independent. With your silver, you do not need anything else to make a transaction. It is tangible so you can always access it and even travel with it. It is practical for small purchases and it is in high demand and low supply. Being such a great investment, it is important that you protect your silver investment. The following are some ways you can protect your silver.

Protecting Your Silver Investment

Safe Handling

  • Safe Handling

If you do not handle your silver with care, it may tarnish or scratch. Avoid handling your silver unless you have to. Keep the coins in a sealed storage space away from moisture. When you handle the coins, use a pair of cotton gloves to avoid transferring moisture or natural oils which may lead to corrosion. Do not use latex o plastic gloves because they may have lubricants. Do not just pour them on any surface. If you need to handle your coins, place them on a soft and dry surface. Hold coins by their edges and avoid breathing or talking over them. If you have tarnished coins, store them separately.


  • Storage

Store your silver investment safely. Storing our silver at home may not be safe. Your secret hiding location may not really be a secret. It may invite thieves who may steal your silver and harm you and your loved ones. Banking systems are great but they do not offer sufficient security for your silver. Banks face the risk of insolvency or indefinite closures. The safest and most convenient place to store your silver is with a private depository. It takes away the responsibility from you and assures you of your silvers’s security. Even if you die without letting your family know about the investment, they will receive a notification for the monthly storage bill. A private depository insures your investment from risks.

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